The book-keeper

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As a business owner I keep a check-list. Lately I’ve been checking things of the list left and right.

One thing on this list is finding a accountant or book-keeper if you will. Because even though I’m a business owner and as a business owner you have to do pretty much everything by yourself this is one of those things I keep telling myself, so NOT true I am not, I repeat NOT an accountant or a book-keeper.

I’m a ‘hands on’ person, I don’t do numbers very well. I’m an entrepreneur and a creator, I create things. Period.
For years I’ve been a good person and taking care of all administrative things in Casa MaBlog and taking care of taxes. And EVERY year I’m late. Why? Because the hill gets steeper by the minute (lame metaphor), because I always think it’s going to be difficult, because I’m always scared I forget something and it’s going to cost me BIG TIME.

For months I’ve been wandering the digital highway looking for information about book-keeping, taxes and other stuff a business owner needs to know. The more I read the less I like it. I’ve become much smarter, I’m sure of it, but not smart enough, so I keep on reading and searching and more reading and..and.. And I’m sick of it! I don’t have to do this, I can always (gasp) O.U.T.S.O.U.R.C.E. 8-O

I’ve been doing some book-keeper-shopping and emailed 5 different candidates a little information about me and my business.

Book-keeper # 1 Replied to my email quickly. And he called about 15 min. later to confirm. Big plus, I like people who take things head-on.

Book-keeper #2 Answered my email within a few hours and asked me to call and make an appointment. Which I did.

Book-keeper #3 Also replied within a few hours and asked me to call. I tried three times (at different hours) and kept getting the answering machine. This is not the one, I thought. Is this what’s going to happen when I’m a costumer? I’m not talking about weird calling-hours either. I mean I’m calling between 2 and 5, still office hours you know… :-? Hmmm, I’ll try again tomorrow. After three days of calling and still getting the answering machine I’ve made up my mind. This is NOT the one. Too bad, missed opportunity in my book.

Book-keeper #4 Replies just before 5 O’clock. They’re a small office mainly focussing on starting businesses. They like to see you getting involved in the process of bookkeeping (with their help) but understand the need to outsource the difficult stuff like taxes. Sounds interesting, I’ll be calling them in the morning.

Book-keeper #5 No email address on their website just a contact form. Hasn’t replied yet, but I’ll give it some time. More then a week later that’s just bad the phone rings. There’s a lady on the phone and she wants to make an appointment. I’m startled who is this lady and why is she calling? the name doesn’t ring a bell at first. Lady sounds a bit chaotic. We have difficulties setting a date, I tell the lady on the phone the appointment has to be between 9 and 2. She promptly tries to make an appointment at half past 8 WTF? and later she suggests 2 O’clock again WTF?. I ask about their place of business, she gives me a vague story about having to work from home because of some again vague issues. She wants to visit my place. This is getting weirder by the minute but with two bickering kids next to me I cave (I just wanted it to be over and done with) and make the appointment. Stupid, I know me, this is not going to work. I just don’t get a positive vibe here.

Today was appointment with book-keeper #1. Nice guy, he made me feel welcome. I’m very new at this and it doesn’t matter to him. Gave me useful information (free of charge :lol: ). We even have mutual acquaintances.  So far so good but I’m still shopping around and tomorrow I have an appointment with book-keeper #2.

Cancelled appointment with book-keeper #5. This was not meant to be… I feel so much better now.

Finally, some fall pictures to make up for the long story ;-)

Last week the kids had their Fall-break and there even were some sunny days. My daughter wanted me to take a picture of a beautiful mushroom she had seen. Pay close attention to the last picture, it’s the mushroom she wanted me to take a picture of. My daughter sees beauty in the strangest things….

PICT7186 PICT7188

PICT7191 PICT7197

After that, time for “proud mom”-pictures ;-)

PICT7196 PICT7199 PICT7202


  1. kronova Said on 04 Nov 2009,

    Prachtige foto’s!!!
    Maar het bovenstaande verhaal vond ik ook alles behalve saai.
    Veel succes bij het vinden van een boekhouder.
    groetjes Kronova

  2. Chris Said on 04 Nov 2009,

    Weer zo een prachtig verhaal. Bijna elke dag ga ik even kijken naar uw blog om te zien wat U te vertellen heeft. Ik vind uw verhalen altijd leuk en ook inspirerend of opbeurend.
    De foto’s zijn prachtig en dat uw dochtertje de schoonheid ziet in de natuur kunt U alleen maar toejuichen.
    Mijn echtgenoot is ook zo een beetje een natuurmens en door hem ben ik ook de fauna en flora rondom mij anders gaan bekijken. In de natuur vindt men verademing of rust of tijdens mijn “joggen” in de natuur kan ik beter relativeren.
    Een goede raad. Stimuleer uw dochter in het waarnemen van de natuur en wat Uzelf betreft voor het kiezen van de boekhouder: volg uw buikgevoel.

  3. Jacinta Said on 04 Nov 2009,

    Hi Agnés,

    Leuk je MaBlog!!!
    Goed geschreven ook!
    Heel veel succes met alles!
    We spreken elkaar zeker nog!


  4. Repel Said on 05 Nov 2009,

    Wat leuk: ik heb me ook gek gefotografeerd aan paddestoeeln de afgelopen weken. Die onderste foto van je dochtr is schitterend….ze is ook een heel mooi kind, maar de foto zef is ook erg mooi.