Knitting is Art

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

Everytime I’m amazed by how beautiful knitting kan be. My friends on Twitter and Facebook often surprise me with linkies to stunning knitted creations.

Usually it’s clothes (like these) or accessories (here). But knitters are even more artistic then people give them credit for.

How about a little movie:

How cool is that?! Hmm, maybe I need to do a little shopping later….

  1. Repel Said on 17 Nov 2010,

    Gaaf filmpje!

  2. Mije Said on 17 Nov 2010,

    Dat filmpje is cool idd.. Krijg gelijk ook inspiratie om met van die knipperende minikerstlampjes of zo iets te maken, haha!

    Die sweater (eerste link) is ook cool, alleen vind ik ‘t model erg griezelig.. :-0