The crazy craftshow is over ;-)

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

Yes, I’m still alive. And yes I have a story to tell.

The last few weeks in preperation for the Craft fair were total madness. I’ve been dying wool like crazy from the early morning ’till late in the evening every day and I’d probably have slept in my studio if hubby weren’t there. Dude, what an experience! And I learnt so much!

Wednesday I drove to Den Bosch with my car fully loaded to set up the booth. It was so busy because there were 3 fairs at the same time (a craft fair, a scrap fair and a book fair). People were coming and going, cars/buses/lorries were everywhere!

At first I walk around there three times looking for my booth. Men, I felt so green and lost at the same time! I really thought it was my fault I couldn’t find that damn booth. Turned out they send me to the wrong hall :evil:

When I finally got to the right place I had no problem finding my booth. My first thought? How in the HELL am I going to fill up that thing??!! In the end I worried over nothing because it was just right. Here’s a pic I took with my cell phone:


To bad I didn’t take more pictures during the following 3 days because it looks kind of sad this way. There were no carpets yet, it was dark (and freezing cold) and it doesn’t capture the atmosphere there was during the fair.  But I was so busy the next few days I simply forgot to take more :-(

My booth was set up between two colleagues: Klazien’s Kreaties across from me and Low Lands Legacy right behind me. At first I couldn’t understand why the fair people would put us all together like that but we all had different stuff to sell so there was no real competition. And to be honest I was glad they set it up like this because I’ve learnt so much from them! And they were so nice to me!

Day one, hubby came with me. He was a little wary of it all but at the end of the day he really enjoyed spending his time with me on the fair. Day two and three my mom came to help and she and I had such a wonderful time together. And she was a real pro in selling my stuff! :-)

I had such a good time (also a big thanks to Klazien and Gerrie & Hans from Low Lands Legacy), I’ve met several people from Ravelry and I really tried to put Dutch Wool Diva on the map. There will be other fairs in my future ;-)

  1. Serena Said on 15 Mar 2010,

    Leuk om je beurservaringen te lezen, de spits is eraf; een volgende keer ben je wat minder groen. Fijn dat je het naar je zin hebt gehad; het ontmoeten van mensen is erg leuk, jammer voor de verkoop datwel …

  2. Repel Said on 17 Mar 2010,

    Dat was dus je vuurdoop! En een geslaagde….de volgende keer voel je je niet meer groen :-) Ook al viel de verkoop tegen vind ik het al met al klinken als een geslaagde beurs. Gefeliciteerd dus! jij nieuwe ondernemer…top.

  3. Klazien Said on 17 Mar 2010,

    Wat leuk om je verhaal te lezen. Ik heb je graag geholpen hoor. Erg leuk. We hebben allemaal onze vuurdoop gehad. Ik vond leuk om je te leren kennen en we komen elkaar zeker nog weer tegen waar dan ook op een beurs of fair……

  4. MaBlog Said on 18 Mar 2010,

    @Serena & Repel: Ja, de ontgroening is nu wel geweest, haha. Op naar de volgende beurs!

    @Klazien: Wat leuk dat je ook even hier komt lezen :-D En we zullen elkaar zeker weer eens tegenkomen!

  5. Anna Snorrepot Said on 28 Mar 2010,

    o, kom naar de Dag van de Wol!
    vorig jaar was ik daar voor het eerst (als bezoeker) en het is zo gezellig. Allemaal nederlandse wolfans in een schuur. Daar past de NLse WolDiva prima bij!