Crazy orange…

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

No, I’m not going to bore you with a post about the upcoming WC soccer and our Dutch team.

It’s all about this butterfly “Oranjetip” (Anthocharis cardamines):


The male variety has cast his love spell on this lady on Ravelry.

She’s like a schoolgirl in love, wherever she looks she sees this soft orange. Desperate she turned to her pals at Ravelry almost begged them to find her yarn in exactly this color.  Her words:

“… it’s like pumpkin soup and champagne, or orange-mango sauce and whisky-cocktail sauce…”

While the thread kept growing “bugles nacho cheese” and “melon” were mentioned. Everyone chipped in and provided her with links to different web-shops where, maybe, she could find just this shade of orange. I entered the conversation (when will I ever learn) when someone asked the question why orange was such a difficult colour for Dutch indy dyers to dye. I offered my opinion about my our associations with the colour orange and Dutch Royalty and our national soccer team…and found myself stuck in the orange lion’s den.

Suddenly wisecracks were made and  hints were flying across the board.

This morning I caved…


I present to you (not quite WC orange) “Oranjusu”.

It’s coming your way tomorrow Vera!

  1. Repel Said on 09 Jun 2010,

    En ondanks de vlaggetjes in mijn straat vind ik het een hele mooie kleur. Zeker in zo’n mooi wolletje.

  2. Repel Said on 22 Jun 2010,

    off topic: uiteraard heb je gelijk: maar gratis kan blogspot meer dan de gratis wordpress…

    zie trouwens nu pas je knitmeter.com: erg leuk!