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A little while ago I heard through Twitter, a new (to me) verb. Rakking. Say what? RAKKING!

So, what is rakking? I asked quite naïve. And instantly  I was presented with an answer and a Ravelry-link. (Don’t know about Ravelry yet? Go have a look!)

RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. In other words, just being nice to someone without ulterior motives.

Nóóó, I hear you cry out. That’s not possible! You mean, being nice to someone just because…?

Uhuh..(insert nodding head here), IT’S TRUE! Whole tribes have started Rakking! To be fair, most of these tribes have a huge knit/crochet/spin-addiction so I don’t know how representative that is for the rest of the world…

This is how it works: you make a wishlist with (little) things you would like to have. Someone checks out your wishlist to see if they can full-fill some of the wishes and sends them to you. It’s not a you-send-me-something-so-I-send-you-something kind of system. You send out your gifts without expecting something back from that person (that would be SWAPPING, but that’s another blogpost…).

Being the kind of person that I am, I jumped right in with two feet, joined the RAK-Europe group and began scanning the wish lists. I saw a few wishes I could full-fill and looked around for a box to send them over. Then I saw the shipping costs 8-O

Okay, back up for a minute… Being kind to someone for no reason is fun and all but if you need to get a second job to pay for shipping there’s not going to be much sending of boxes. Just saying… So the box stayed empty while I looked around for a wishlist from this area (Netherlands or Belgium). That, I can afford…

In the meantime the Dutch community on Ravelry is growing rapidly and someone made the brilliant move and started a RAK-Holland group. Now see, there’s an idea I can work with! This group is only 2 weeks old and people are rakking their little behinds off! Everywhere I look I read posts from happy people making other people happy.

Conclusion: Rakking makes your life a little more fun!

So , lst week I send out some RAKs with goodies I hope makes someone happy. And you  know what? Yesterday the mailman had something for me from her! And I have to tell you, getting a present, for no reason at all is soooooo much fun! And it did make me very happy :mrgreen:

This is what I got: a beautiful ball of Noro Kureyon Sock, 5 soccer-pins, 2 cuddly key hangers, a pair of short bamboo needles with head (never saw those before) and a lovely card! How exiting, for me and for the kids!


When they came home from school I gave them there presents and this is how they reacted:


Three happy people, on a random monday….that’s enough to make you go quiet for a while.

Today’s questions:

  • When did someone make you happy for no reason?


  • When did you make someone happy for no reason?
  1. Natascha Said on 02 Jun 2010,

    Ik zal de ravelry site eens even uitvoerig gaan bekijken binnenkort, wie weet doe ik wel mee ???
    Groetjes Natascha

  2. Repel Said on 06 Jun 2010,

    Officieus doen wij het in logland al heel lang natuurlijk: de cadootjes acties van Cisca en de pakjes en de kaartjes: ik vind dat zo waanzinnig leuk! Iemand die ik ken zegt: Je krijgt wat je geeft, maar niet perse van dezelfde persoon want dat zou saai zijn…