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Pssst…don’t get startled! It’s me.

I made a deal with you myself remember? I was going to post here once a week. And look! Here I am!

Usually I leave it up to my inspiration (and mood) if I write a post or not. And usually it was about everything but the sink.

  • I wrote about myself
  • I wrote about the children
  • I wrote about the wonderful world of being self employed
  • I wrote about the cats
  • I wrote about clothes/socks I made
  • Again I wrote about everything but the sink

There was no structure at all. Not that you need structure but…you know what? I NEED structure!

For many years I was in an environment where it was considered normal, vital even, to work in a structured way. At the end of a workday I always made a to-do list for the next day and I had a rough list for the whole week.

Once a week my co-workers and I would sit down and discussed our own lists and we would prioritize. What would come first and what could wait or what could another co-worker take over.

I know this sounds very dull, but I actually (secretly) liked it.  Obviously there were times something would totally mess up my own planning (and my co-workers) because another department did not deliver something you desperately needed OR you just had a shitty day and couldn’t concentrate at all. But for the most part I usually got more work done WITH a list than without.

What the purpose is from this post you ask? I (the one who Is posting randomness, always wants to do her own thing in other words the pigheaded person) am going to bring structure to my blog-life! But…(loophole alert)……because I don’t want to overdo it  I’m making a monthly list ;-)

This months list:

  • blogging about my little give-away (WHO is it going to be?)
  • blogging about my latest sock design (really pretty!)
  • blogging about dyeing (lots of pics)
  • writing a tutorial (get out the knitting needles)

Pfew, there! I did it!

What? Not enough? Weeeeelll, okay here’s the last one:

  • blogging about a subject you assign to me (GULP)

Now that one is challenging! I think I’ll keep that one for the end of the month. Gives me more time to make excuses think about it :mrgreen:

You can leave a comment or mail a subject to: mail (at) mabeon (dot) nl




Ps. You can still win the socks I’m giving away by leaving a comment (before friday) on the post below! Just do it. I know you want to ;-)

  1. Barbara Said on 08 Sep 2010,

    Zo zeg, jij legt je zelf aardig vast op deze manier ;)

    Ik moet zeggen, ziet er mooi uit die sokken maar ik denk niet dat ik je ga volgen met je breien. Ik heb veel te veel dingen die ik leuk vind en als puntje bij paaltje komt, heb ik toch nergens tijd voor maar ligt er wel een berg ongebruikte meuk niks te liggen doen………

    En een logje dat wij mogen bedenken??? Nou vertel eens hoe je er op gekomen bent om te breien (ws voor anderen al lang bekend maar zo lang lees ik nog niet mee hier ;))

    Groetjes Barbara

  2. Nicole Said on 10 Sep 2010,

    Ik ben een structuurjunkie, dus ik juich je toe!

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