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A year ago, on October 10th, I signed the forms at the Chamber of Commerce.

Also a year ago, on October 10th, my discharge with the company I worked for for almost 13 years was finalised.

I was so unhappy when I learned they didn’t want me to come back the next day. I felt like my world disintegrated. I felt discarded, chewed on and spat out. And, because the whole world was in crisis including the Netherlands, I was scared shitless I wouldn’t be able to find another job. With 2 kids and a mortgage I was terrified we would fall into debt or worst.

After a mourning period (yes, it does work that way, you’re in mourning whether you want to or not) and the ploughing through legal papers with my lawyer I was done. Done with being unhappy and depressed, done with feeling inadequate, done with keeping up appearance for the kids while all I wanted was to crawl under the nearest rock and crying my eyes out.

I choose me. I became my own boss.

My loyal blog readers, twitter pals and Ravelry friends guided me through these first baby steps with cheering me on and just giving me lots of love and encouragement. And I’m so grateful they did because now I can shout out to the world:

Dutch Wool Diva celebrates her 1st birthday!

This year has gone by so fast! I’ve seen so many things, got so many comments, met so many people (online and in the flesh), learned so many lessons and experienced so much wonderfulness. This year has been SUPER and I just know next year will be even better! I’ve got so much energy and plans :-D

That’s why I have a treat:


  1. Pauline Said on 12 Oct 2010,

    gefeliciteerd met je eerste verjaardag!

  2. Dutch Wool Diva Said on 12 Oct 2010,


  3. marion berkhout Said on 17 Oct 2010,

    Hoi, gefeliciteerd met je 1 jarig bestaan.
    Ik heb voor het eerst wat gekocht bij je op de landelijke spindag laatst en ik vind het prachtig (sugar daddy en een geel/beige superwash).
    Ik heb je blog op mijn bloglijst gezet.

    Groetjes Marion.

  4. kronova Said on 18 Oct 2010,

    Helemaal gemist.:$
    Gefeliciteerd met 1 jaar Dutch Wool Diva!!!
    En nog vele succesvolle jaren erbij!
    groetjes Kronova

  5. Repel Said on 13 Nov 2010,

    Gefeliciteerd meid: een sprong in het diepe en je flikt het verdorie maar! Top