Hey, where did Spring go?

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

I’m very displeased. When I look outside, all I see is rain and grey skies. It looks like autumn is starting early this year!

I must admit, I turn the heat on in the morning. Just to drive the cold out (which creeps in at night with temperatures around zero degrees). During the rest of the day I keep myself warm with wool socks and a thick vest. The kids are on spring break but refuse to go outside, so they hang around the house all day….and they drive me nuts :-?

But it’s not all bad, there actually were some high lights this week iwontletthismuckyweathergettome!

The Mother’s Day-loot:


On the left, a flowerpot with some fresh soil and hopefully in a few days/weeks beautiful Daisies and a poem to match. On the right a bookmark with knittingneedles and yarn balls (and a pic ;-) ). Wonder where he got that idea? :lol: And of course a long poem about how wonderful I am. I love these poems, they make me feel like I don’t suck at being a mother all the time. And DH gave me a bottle of jummy smell which reminds me of the commercial with the disgustingly beautiful  Charlize Theron. I wouldn’t mind swapping bodies with her for just one day. Just the body, I’ll keep my brain :mrgreen:

But the true highlight of the week was actually the day before. Mother’s Day-swimming. Yeah…really… On Saturdaymorning, with just enough time to grab a cup of coffee, we went to the swimming pool where my kids learn how to swim. And alas for me, no Charlize-bodies on sale :oops:

I was surprised to find out I still fit in my old swimmingsuit (that’s lycra for ya, very forgiving) from days long gone. With a big smile and full of pride they whisked me away into the pool. Why? My kids think I’m a hero. Because mum has 11 swim diploma’s…. They are heard exclaiming in high pitched voices: it’s true, my mum has ELEVEN diploma’s. And she’s a swim teacher too!

There I am trying to hide myself (with my none-Charlize-body) behind a random shivering wet 6 or 8 year-old who’s eyes are almost popping out because of this amazing story. They forget to tell them that two diploma’s are the same (2 times A), 6 are diploma’s for training to be a lifeguard (as in saving people when they are drowning) and two are for my licence to teach others how to save drowning people.

badmeesterThat was 20 years ago! And I hate to admit it but the primary reason I’m able to float so beautifully these days has more to do with a not to mention amount of fat in a not to mention place, than it has to do with my swimming skills.

But hey, that’s not even the worst thing that happens on a day like that (I actually kinda like being a hero in my kids eyes). The WORST thing on that day is being in a swim class with your kid and finding out that the swim teacher is in fact one of your pupils from 20 years ago! I mean really…

Two questions:

  1. What did you do on Mother’s Day?
  2. Which of you pushed the Spring-button and turned it off?! C’mon fess up!
  1. Barbara Said on 13 May 2010,

    Ik denk juist dat dat lenteknopje te goed verstopt is zodat niemand er op kan drukken zodat het daadwerkelijk lente wordt.

    Hmmmm ik heb gekregen: badschuim, een schort, een ketting (zelf gemaakt uiteraard) een tekening, kusjes, een zelf opgedreunt gedichtje en de eer om (zoals dagelijks) te mogen koken :# Verder hebben we niet veel gedaan en wat geklungeld.

  2. Repel Said on 15 May 2010,

    Elluf diploma’s is hartstikke goed! ik heb er maar 2 en ik heb watervrees. Ik ben niet zo van het zwemmen en neem daarom mijn petje diep voor je af.

    De buit is dus binnen, zie ik. Mijn buit was ook groot….heerlijk he, moederdag!

  3. Verouchka Said on 21 May 2010,

    Ik mis in dit verhaal de zaterdagavond, die zo super geweldig was.
    Moederdag was weer heerlijk. Wat een verwennerij, echt genieten.

  4. MaBlog Said on 21 May 2010,

    @Verouchka: Tja zaterdagavond….je bedoeld dat gewèèèldige feest? Ik heb het maar verdrongen ;-)