Garden office

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

Have a look at my view. Let it sink in while you secretly surf on the web at work (don’t we all do that?).

I present to you: my Garden Office. And I’m proud of it. Very proud! Yes, I understand the envy you feel right now (honest!). Two years ago (not even) my view was nothing like this at all, maybe even similar to your view?

Sharing a tiny office (closet anyone?) with your colleague. I mean if you put on a few pounds you wouldn’t be able to walk around the desks anymore! A window that you can’t open because, wait for it, we have “climate-control”. Which means it’s freezing during winter (I think I once saw a polar bear on my way to the toilet, really!) and you have to wrap yourself in layers upon layers of clothes, (handknitted) scarfs and fingerless mitts. And during summer you’ll have to put towels on the floor to soak up the sweat that is dripping down your face and back (picture the guy at the gym while he’s on the bike, I know you know him).

How much better is this view I ask you? Right.


But it’s not “all play and no work”, obviously there’s still stuff to be done. Even though the weather is gorgeous and you have to stop yourself thinking about putting a beach towel on the lawn and begin putting on a serious tan.

So this is what I do:

 vachten  Swifter

And this:


Because, let’s be honest, that sock isn’t going to design itself now is it….


  1. Esther Said on 30 May 2011,

    hahaha ik wil ook wel zo’n buiten-kantoor, je hebt een leuk plekkie ingericht, en dat in de zon, geniet er van! ✗✗✗ Essie