I can do something else besides knitting…crochet!

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva


Sock Roll (100 gr) + sockyarn undyed (100 gr)

Every once in a while you get this great idea: dying sock rolls to sell (not my own idea because everything has been done before, let me google that for you). So you go ahead and do it anyway only to find out that absolutely no-one will buy the stuff because (as always) you came late to the party.

Eventually 2 sock rolls just wouldn’t sell (maybe because they’re a little “loud”, who knows).

As a regular sock Diva you’ll think: that’s okay! I’ll just knit some wonderful loud socks for myself because, let’s be honest, I don’t nearly have enough socks in my drawer right? But it just wouldn’t happen, dyed sock roll to socks.

Meanwhile you notice there’s a change going on in tweety-land. Crochet-tweeps are all over the place. The h00kers* or crocheters  are creating quite a stirr with their beautiful projects and esty-crochet-shops are popping out everywhere.

Hey! I can do that!
Crochet that is, not popping out etsy-crochet-shops everywhere.

What it’s going to be?

Absolutely no clue. Right now I’m just crocheting my little heart out and cranking out granny squares until I run out of yarn. I’m about a third in and have made 12 (13 on the hook).

*Just to be save I changed the “o’s” to zeros to avoid creepy crawlers
  1. kronova Said on 08 Jan 2011,

    Goed bezig ;)
    zowel met haken als met bloggen.
    prettig weekend

  2. Raquel Said on 08 Jan 2011,

    So beautiful! Great colours!
    Raquel :)