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Blog Hop

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

Yesterday I saw this tweet again:


I noticed it last week but unfortunately was unable to participate. This week I was lucky!

I can hear you think: “what is it?”

The titel says it all really. During a blog hop you’ll be hopping from blog to blog.

Below you’ll find a list with tiny pics that have a linky to the blog they’re on. Usually this blog has the same list so you can hop over to the next blog easily. Visitors kan put their own pics to this list and it updates automatically.

The starter of the list (in this case Annemarie’s Breiblog) can decide the time frame in which you can put your own pic in and when it closes. After closing the list you can’t put your linky in but you CAN continue to hop. More info can be found on Annemarie’s blog!

Have fun hopping!