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I can do something else besides knitting…crochet!

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Sock Roll (100 gr) + sockyarn undyed (100 gr)

Every once in a while you get this great idea: dying sock rolls to sell (not my own idea because everything has been done before, let me google that for you). So you go ahead and do it anyway only to find out that absolutely no-one will buy the stuff because (as always) you came late to the party.

Eventually 2 sock rolls just wouldn’t sell (maybe because they’re a little “loud”, who knows).

As a regular sock Diva you’ll think: that’s okay! I’ll just knit some wonderful loud socks for myself because, let’s be honest, I don’t nearly have enough socks in my drawer right? But it just wouldn’t happen, dyed sock roll to socks.

Meanwhile you notice there’s a change going on in tweety-land. Crochet-tweeps are all over the place. The h00kers* or crocheters  are creating quite a stirr with their beautiful projects and esty-crochet-shops are popping out everywhere.

Hey! I can do that!
Crochet that is, not popping out etsy-crochet-shops everywhere.

What it’s going to be?

Absolutely no clue. Right now I’m just crocheting my little heart out and cranking out granny squares until I run out of yarn. I’m about a third in and have made 12 (13 on the hook).

*Just to be save I changed the “o’s” to zeros to avoid creepy crawlers

And then fall came!

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And you find this at your front door…


Darnit. I’m cold and I want a hot coco now.

A little over 3 weeks I was here…


See the orange beach towel? I would bask in the sun there until I was hot enough to cool down here…


It’s not FAIR!

Oh well…that’s not what this post is about anyway. It’s time for:


Over the last few weeks I was playing happily with wool and dye. It’s amazing how your mood affects you in the way you use colours. From March up untill August it was all happy and bright colours. The more the merrier.

And now I’m totally mesmerized by warm and darker colours in different shades. Real autumny colours.

Yarn september_3

Top to bottom: Cabernet – Brown Sugar – Ivy. All (2 of each colour) are up in the shop.

The first two are 75% BFL/25% Nylon, strong but soft. Ideal for socks, and we NEED socks! The third is a 80% Merino/20% Bamboo mix. Also usable for socks but a little less sturdy. I like to use this mix for lacy shawls. It blocks beautifully but you still keep a bit of bouncyness (some people refer to it as “sproing”).

Ivy sold almost immediately so I made another batch. Obviously more people than me like greens ;-)

Next time, I’ll try to remember to make some “action” pics during the dyeing process.



Blog give-away!

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If you’ve been away from your blog as long as I have there’s only one way to make it up to your blog-readers.

Promise to do better (a minimal of 1 post per week……….aaaahhhh the pressure!) and do a give-away and hope that everybody doesn’t hate you and still wants to come back and read your stuff :oops:

And I have the perfect give-away!

PlainSocks_1 PlainSocks_2

Socks! Of course! What did you think? Have you seen the weather in the Netherlands lately? You NEED these!

The socks are made with hand dyed sock wool (by me obviously…), they are superwash (throw in the washer at 30 degrees or wool cycle) AND….I knit them. There is love in every stitch ;-)

There’s just one big tiny problem…it’s a size 40-41 (US 8½-9). So if you have little feet like me, you still have nothing :-| But I promise there will be more give-aways soon!

Which of my (3 or 4) loyal readers has the right size (or knows somebody who does) and wants to give me a second chance?

If you want these beautiful socks (really, if you tried hand knit socks you won’t go back) leave me a message. Next Friday I’ll be announcing the winner!



(Nederlands) Opbouwen Aalten: Oh moeder wat is het heet!

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.


Crazy orange…

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No, I’m not going to bore you with a post about the upcoming WC soccer and our Dutch team.

It’s all about this butterfly “Oranjetip” (Anthocharis cardamines):


The male variety has cast his love spell on this lady on Ravelry.

She’s like a schoolgirl in love, wherever she looks she sees this soft orange. Desperate she turned to her pals at Ravelry almost begged them to find her yarn in exactly this color.  Her words:

“… it’s like pumpkin soup and champagne, or orange-mango sauce and whisky-cocktail sauce…”

While the thread kept growing “bugles nacho cheese” and “melon” were mentioned. Everyone chipped in and provided her with links to different web-shops where, maybe, she could find just this shade of orange. I entered the conversation (when will I ever learn) when someone asked the question why orange was such a difficult colour for Dutch indy dyers to dye. I offered my opinion about my our associations with the colour orange and Dutch Royalty and our national soccer team…and found myself stuck in the orange lion’s den.

Suddenly wisecracks were made and  hints were flying across the board.

This morning I caved…


I present to you (not quite WC orange) “Oranjusu”.

It’s coming your way tomorrow Vera!


Test knitting

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Tintaglia: It’s (finally) done!

Tintaglia_2 Tintaglia_4

A few weeks ago I signed up for another testknit on Ravelry to test this shawl for Marleen from Dutch Knitting Design. What can I say…It’s beautiful! The sock wool I used was absolutely perfect for it: Sock Diva SW Merino/Bamboo in GreenLush.

The bamboo content in this sock wool makes it light and airy and cool to the touch, great for summer nights ;-) The pattern is not for sale yet because the testknitting fase is still in progress. But I will let you know as soon as it’s published :lol:

It’s the second shawl I test knit for her, this pattern is also from Dutch Knitting Design.


Alyssum_1 Alyssum_2

You know the best part of these shawls? They’re knit with just one skein of sock wool, so a perfect match to the lovely yarns at Dutch Wool Diva!