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Garden office

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Have a look at my view. Let it sink in while you secretly surf on the web at work (don’t we all do that?).

I present to you: my Garden Office. And I’m proud of it. Very proud! Yes, I understand the envy you feel right now (honest!). Two years ago (not even) my view was nothing like this at all, maybe even similar to your view?

Sharing a tiny office (closet anyone?) with your colleague. I mean if you put on a few pounds you wouldn’t be able to walk around the desks anymore! A window that you can’t open because, wait for it, we have “climate-control”. Which means it’s freezing during winter (I think I once saw a polar bear on my way to the toilet, really!) and you have to wrap yourself in layers upon layers of clothes, (handknitted) scarfs and fingerless mitts. And during summer you’ll have to put towels on the floor to soak up the sweat that is dripping down your face and back (picture the guy at the gym while he’s on the bike, I know you know him).

How much better is this view I ask you? Right.


But it’s not “all play and no work”, obviously there’s still stuff to be done. Even though the weather is gorgeous and you have to stop yourself thinking about putting a beach towel on the lawn and begin putting on a serious tan.

So this is what I do:

 vachten  Swifter

And this:


Because, let’s be honest, that sock isn’t going to design itself now is it….




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A year ago, on October 10th, I signed the forms at the Chamber of Commerce.

Also a year ago, on October 10th, my discharge with the company I worked for for almost 13 years was finalised.

I was so unhappy when I learned they didn’t want me to come back the next day. I felt like my world disintegrated. I felt discarded, chewed on and spat out. And, because the whole world was in crisis including the Netherlands, I was scared shitless I wouldn’t be able to find another job. With 2 kids and a mortgage I was terrified we would fall into debt or worst.

After a mourning period (yes, it does work that way, you’re in mourning whether you want to or not) and the ploughing through legal papers with my lawyer I was done. Done with being unhappy and depressed, done with feeling inadequate, done with keeping up appearance for the kids while all I wanted was to crawl under the nearest rock and crying my eyes out.

I choose me. I became my own boss.

My loyal blog readers, twitter pals and Ravelry friends guided me through these first baby steps with cheering me on and just giving me lots of love and encouragement. And I’m so grateful they did because now I can shout out to the world:

Dutch Wool Diva celebrates her 1st birthday!

This year has gone by so fast! I’ve seen so many things, got so many comments, met so many people (online and in the flesh), learned so many lessons and experienced so much wonderfulness. This year has been SUPER and I just know next year will be even better! I’ve got so much energy and plans :-D

That’s why I have a treat:



(Nederlands) Opbouwen Aalten: Oh moeder wat is het heet!

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Test knitting

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Tintaglia: It’s (finally) done!

Tintaglia_2 Tintaglia_4

A few weeks ago I signed up for another testknit on Ravelry to test this shawl for Marleen from Dutch Knitting Design. What can I say…It’s beautiful! The sock wool I used was absolutely perfect for it: Sock Diva SW Merino/Bamboo in GreenLush.

The bamboo content in this sock wool makes it light and airy and cool to the touch, great for summer nights ;-) The pattern is not for sale yet because the testknitting fase is still in progress. But I will let you know as soon as it’s published :lol:

It’s the second shawl I test knit for her, this pattern is also from Dutch Knitting Design.


Alyssum_1 Alyssum_2

You know the best part of these shawls? They’re knit with just one skein of sock wool, so a perfect match to the lovely yarns at Dutch Wool Diva!


I’m ashamed

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I haven’t posted in a very long time. I’m sorry….I will make it up to you! (REALLY)

Wanna hear my excuse? No? Skip the next paragraph for now and start reading at the purple line :lol:

Two days after the craft show I went through my back. Is that even a proper sentence? Looks weird somehow. Anyway I hurt my back pretty bad. I couldn’t sit, walk or lay down without excruciating pain for four days :-(¬† I stumbled around the house like an old lady and grumbled at anyone standing or walking in my way (my cats got the worst of it, why do they always walk in front of my feet?). As a result I could only get behind the laptop for a few minutes at a time which I mostly spend checking my email.

It’s slowly getting better now. I’m only in pain in the evenings now when I’m getting tired, but hey at least I can actually get something done during the day. Much to the relieve of my husband who had to chip in with the housework more then he wanted :mrgreen:

Not-want-to-hear-excuse-readers, start here!

In the last week I spun some hand dyed rovings from my shop that nobody seemed to want. I’m really pleased with the results (if I do say so myself).


It’s fascinating to see how the overall look changes completely when you spin hand dyed fibres. The difference is amazing especially in the first picture. The colours were quite bold (maybe that’s why nobody wanted them :lol:) but when it was spun and plied it looked a lot calmer.

Don’t know if I put them back up in the shop yet. I’m drawn to the blue/brown one every time I see it. I might just hang on to it for a while, maybe I come across a nice pattern for it ;-) (it’s 268 yard fingering weight, any tips?).

The shop had a major update (nice cotton for the summertime!) but I’m not completely done as if I’ll ever be completely done. I still have to take a lot of pictures and it seems to take forever (my new toy and I are not best friends yet). I have to admit that’s something I didn’t foresee when I started the shop. The time you have to spend taking great pictures.

I’m a real knitpick when it comes to my photo’s. I know colours show up differently¬† in every monitor, but if it doesn’t look good on my PC and laptop I keep tinkering with it and take more shots until it looks right. My believe is that you don’t sell your stuff when the pics are too bad or too little to begin with. I really get annoyed when I’m shopping online myself and the pics are bad. If I can’t FEEL it at least give me a good LOOK! I really don’t understand it when shop owners put teeny-tiny pics on their website and expect to make a sale?

Stepping off my soapbox now ;-) (BTW, you know you have to click on the pics here to make ‘m bigger, right?)