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Blog, blogger, blogst….een nieuwe poging.

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I can do something else besides knitting…crochet!

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Sock Roll (100 gr) + sockyarn undyed (100 gr)

Every once in a while you get this great idea: dying sock rolls to sell (not my own idea because everything has been done before, let me google that for you). So you go ahead and do it anyway only to find out that absolutely no-one will buy the stuff because (as always) you came late to the party.

Eventually 2 sock rolls just wouldn’t sell (maybe because they’re a little “loud”, who knows).

As a regular sock Diva you’ll think: that’s okay! I’ll just knit some wonderful loud socks for myself because, let’s be honest, I don’t nearly have enough socks in my drawer right? But it just wouldn’t happen, dyed sock roll to socks.

Meanwhile you notice there’s a change going on in tweety-land. Crochet-tweeps are all over the place. The h00kers* or crocheters  are creating quite a stirr with their beautiful projects and esty-crochet-shops are popping out everywhere.

Hey! I can do that!
Crochet that is, not popping out etsy-crochet-shops everywhere.

What it’s going to be?

Absolutely no clue. Right now I’m just crocheting my little heart out and cranking out granny squares until I run out of yarn. I’m about a third in and have made 12 (13 on the hook).

*Just to be save I changed the “o’s” to zeros to avoid creepy crawlers

I can’t stop

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Haken_1 Haken_2

I always had a sock in progress (on circular needles) at the craft show so people could feel the yarns being knitted or to try out knitting with circs. I had noticed people really appreciated this and it made talking with them so much easier.

Because I didn’t want to leave the crochet-loving people out of the loop I asked my mom to start on a potholder with some of the cotton I carry.

When I came home the ball of cotton was barely used. Last night I got it out and started looking for a fun little flower pattern on Ravelry to try out myself. This is actually designed for sock yarn but cotton works too. Cool thing about this pattern is that it has 6 petals so attaching them together is quite simple.

Thing is…I can’t stop making them! It only takes a few minutes to make one of these so you just start on the next…and the next…and the next…AAAAHHH.

Don’t know what it’s going to be yet. I’ll probably just use up the yarn :-o

I did finish the potholder last night too and put it in the kitchen. When I came back to start on dinner, it was gone. This morning I found it…in my sons bedroom:


I think the dolls were cold last night :lol:

Okay, time for lunch.


In case you are wondering why I’m suddely taking pictures of random stuff: I really want to become good friends with my Canon 500D in other words I’m trying to get the thing to do exactly what I want him to do! I recently read about some IT-people using the abbreviation PBKC. Which stands for: Problem Between Keybord and Chair. I thought it was sooo funny putting foot in my mouth but I’m afraid I belong to the PBC people…Problem Behind Camera :oops: