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Blog, blogger, blogst….een nieuwe poging.

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Unexpected helper

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I confess. There is something I don’t like about my work.

Knitting? No problem. Spinning yarn? No problem either. Blocking however…is a whole other story.

I don’t have the patience for it. The pulling, tugging, pushing, aligning…rearranging the pins for the umptiest time. Blegh..

But sometimes you find help where you least expect it.




Tour de Fleece

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Tour de Fleece 2011Last Saturday the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry) started again. Inspired by the Tour de France, every year thousands of people across the globe get behind the spinning wheel or get out their spindle and make yards and yards of yarn.  The concept is simple, they spin, we spin. A real spinning themed spin-along. All you have to do is spin a little every day (even if it’s just a yard) except on the rest days Monday July 11th & Monday July 18st, just like the actual tour (but you can spin if you want).

Last year I participated in the Tour de Fleece for the first time. So I got on Ravelry and asked around in the Dutch Spinners group if there were more people joining in the fun. I got so many response that we ended up forming our own team that year. Team Maillot Orange!

We had loads of fun and made beautiful yarn together. It was so great to know that, even though we were miles apart, we all shared the same passion and that there was somebody else out there just as crazy about making yarn as you. Every yarn spun, wool prepped and threads plyed was photographed and documented and shared on Ravelry. We really had a ball!

This year Team Maillot Orange has entered the Tour again and, to my surprise, has grown into a whopping Peloton of  55 spinners! Young and old (but young at heart), women and men (yes!). WOW!

A little impression what came off my wheel (and spindle) the last few days. It’s not much (yet) but I also am preparing for a farmers market on Saturday which keeps me quite busy, but hey, every yard counts! Maybe, just maybe I’ll end up with enough Shetland yarn at the end of the tour to make a nice cardi for myself. A girl can dream right? ;-)

 TDF0206_5 Day2  Day3

In the last pic you’ll see the project I’m working on at this moment. Fun spindles for kids! You can’t teach ‘m young enough :lol:


Are they cute or what? And not just for kids….

I shared these pics on twitter and Ravelry and lo an behold there were several emails in my inbox from spinners wanting to buy one! I mean, we are talking about ADULTS here! But you know what? I get it…. I can’t wait to have more time to make one just for ME! :mrgreen: But we grown ups will have to wait because these will go with me to the farmers market (Streekmarkt De Liemers). Let’s see if I can make a few kids happy and spinning!

Next week summer holiday starts (6 glorious weeks) and I’ll be making loads more. These unique and handpainted (by me!) spindles will be available through the shop for € 12,50 (excl. delivery). It will make a great gift for your (grand)kids/nieces/nephews/neighbour-kid….or buy one just for you :-)


My second love

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Moving my blog is going slow so in the meantime I’ll just put it here.

I haven’t been online and blogging much so maybe you think I haven’t done much either ;-) After the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle and the Brei- en haakdagen in Nieuwegein I needed some time to recover. Weeks of planning and preparing for these fairs has left me with little energy and I just needed some time to charge my batteries again.

Even though I wasn’t much online behind the scene there was still work being done, and a lot too! My first love, dying yarn and wool, had t make way for a while for my second love, the sewing-machine.

I made these gorgeous organizers and bags/pouches. I bought the fabrics at the Handwerkbeurs from Suz Designerstoffen, these two sisters sell the most beautiful fabrics by Amy Butler and Heater Bailey. Perfect for creating lovely things for the shop!

 DrawstringBag_5  MapCirc_5


These organizers and bags/pouches are now for
sale at Dutch Wool Diva !

Because each of these little beauties are made
by hand there aren’t a lot of them in stock. But
no need to panic! If they’re sold out just drop
me an email and I’ll make them to order!

I still have loads more fabric to play with so
keep an eye out for more cute baggies and
organizers ;-)