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A year ago, on October 10th, I signed the forms at the Chamber of Commerce.

Also a year ago, on October 10th, my discharge with the company I worked for for almost 13 years was finalised.

I was so unhappy when I learned they didn’t want me to come back the next day. I felt like my world disintegrated. I felt discarded, chewed on and spat out. And, because the whole world was in crisis including the Netherlands, I was scared shitless I wouldn’t be able to find another job. With 2 kids and a mortgage I was terrified we would fall into debt or worst.

After a mourning period (yes, it does work that way, you’re in mourning whether you want to or not) and the ploughing through legal papers with my lawyer I was done. Done with being unhappy and depressed, done with feeling inadequate, done with keeping up appearance for the kids while all I wanted was to crawl under the nearest rock and crying my eyes out.

I choose me. I became my own boss.

My loyal blog readers, twitter pals and Ravelry friends guided me through these first baby steps with cheering me on and just giving me lots of love and encouragement. And I’m so grateful they did because now I can shout out to the world:

Dutch Wool Diva celebrates her 1st birthday!

This year has gone by so fast! I’ve seen so many things, got so many comments, met so many people (online and in the flesh), learned so many lessons and experienced so much wonderfulness. This year has been SUPER and I just know next year will be even better! I’ve got so much energy and plans :-D

That’s why I have a treat:



And the winner is…

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Wow, I can’t believe how many reactions I’ve got on my give-away post. I’m honoured!

Two things I noticed:

  • Obviously I have more readers than I thought :-D
  • Obviously there are more people like me who are longing for toasty toes

So, I wont keep you waiting any longer and get right to the exiting part of this post ;-)

The contestants

The contestants

Neatly folded

Neatly folded

My lovely assistant

My lovely assistant



Congratulations Saskia (1)!

De winnaar!

The warm socks are yours! I’ll send you an email :-D

To my other lovely contestants:

Thank you so much for participating, I enjoyed it immensely so there will be other give-aways! (But I can’t promise it will be socks every time :lol: )



Blog give-away!

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If you’ve been away from your blog as long as I have there’s only one way to make it up to your blog-readers.

Promise to do better (a minimal of 1 post per week……….aaaahhhh the pressure!) and do a give-away and hope that everybody doesn’t hate you and still wants to come back and read your stuff :oops:

And I have the perfect give-away!

PlainSocks_1 PlainSocks_2

Socks! Of course! What did you think? Have you seen the weather in the Netherlands lately? You NEED these!

The socks are made with hand dyed sock wool (by me obviously…), they are superwash (throw in the washer at 30 degrees or wool cycle) AND….I knit them. There is love in every stitch ;-)

There’s just one big tiny problem…it’s a size 40-41 (US 8½-9). So if you have little feet like me, you still have nothing :-| But I promise there will be more give-aways soon!

Which of my (3 or 4) loyal readers has the right size (or knows somebody who does) and wants to give me a second chance?

If you want these beautiful socks (really, if you tried hand knit socks you won’t go back) leave me a message. Next Friday I’ll be announcing the winner!




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A little while ago I heard through Twitter, a new (to me) verb. Rakking. Say what? RAKKING!

So, what is rakking? I asked quite naïve. And instantly  I was presented with an answer and a Ravelry-link. (Don’t know about Ravelry yet? Go have a look!)

RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. In other words, just being nice to someone without ulterior motives.

Nóóó, I hear you cry out. That’s not possible! You mean, being nice to someone just because…?

Uhuh..(insert nodding head here), IT’S TRUE! Whole tribes have started Rakking! To be fair, most of these tribes have a huge knit/crochet/spin-addiction so I don’t know how representative that is for the rest of the world…

This is how it works: you make a wishlist with (little) things you would like to have. Someone checks out your wishlist to see if they can full-fill some of the wishes and sends them to you. It’s not a you-send-me-something-so-I-send-you-something kind of system. You send out your gifts without expecting something back from that person (that would be SWAPPING, but that’s another blogpost…).

Being the kind of person that I am, I jumped right in with two feet, joined the RAK-Europe group and began scanning the wish lists. I saw a few wishes I could full-fill and looked around for a box to send them over. Then I saw the shipping costs 8-O

Okay, back up for a minute… Being kind to someone for no reason is fun and all but if you need to get a second job to pay for shipping there’s not going to be much sending of boxes. Just saying… So the box stayed empty while I looked around for a wishlist from this area (Netherlands or Belgium). That, I can afford…

In the meantime the Dutch community on Ravelry is growing rapidly and someone made the brilliant move and started a RAK-Holland group. Now see, there’s an idea I can work with! This group is only 2 weeks old and people are rakking their little behinds off! Everywhere I look I read posts from happy people making other people happy.

Conclusion: Rakking makes your life a little more fun!

So , lst week I send out some RAKs with goodies I hope makes someone happy. And you  know what? Yesterday the mailman had something for me from her! And I have to tell you, getting a present, for no reason at all is soooooo much fun! And it did make me very happy :mrgreen:

This is what I got: a beautiful ball of Noro Kureyon Sock, 5 soccer-pins, 2 cuddly key hangers, a pair of short bamboo needles with head (never saw those before) and a lovely card! How exiting, for me and for the kids!


When they came home from school I gave them there presents and this is how they reacted:


Three happy people, on a random monday….that’s enough to make you go quiet for a while.

Today’s questions:

  • When did someone make you happy for no reason?


  • When did you make someone happy for no reason?