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(Nederlands) Ze zijn voor niemand bang!

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.



Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

A little while ago I heard through Twitter, a new (to me) verb. Rakking. Say what? RAKKING!

So, what is rakking? I asked quite naïve. And instantly  I was presented with an answer and a Ravelry-link. (Don’t know about Ravelry yet? Go have a look!)

RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. In other words, just being nice to someone without ulterior motives.

Nóóó, I hear you cry out. That’s not possible! You mean, being nice to someone just because…?

Uhuh..(insert nodding head here), IT’S TRUE! Whole tribes have started Rakking! To be fair, most of these tribes have a huge knit/crochet/spin-addiction so I don’t know how representative that is for the rest of the world…

This is how it works: you make a wishlist with (little) things you would like to have. Someone checks out your wishlist to see if they can full-fill some of the wishes and sends them to you. It’s not a you-send-me-something-so-I-send-you-something kind of system. You send out your gifts without expecting something back from that person (that would be SWAPPING, but that’s another blogpost…).

Being the kind of person that I am, I jumped right in with two feet, joined the RAK-Europe group and began scanning the wish lists. I saw a few wishes I could full-fill and looked around for a box to send them over. Then I saw the shipping costs 8-O

Okay, back up for a minute… Being kind to someone for no reason is fun and all but if you need to get a second job to pay for shipping there’s not going to be much sending of boxes. Just saying… So the box stayed empty while I looked around for a wishlist from this area (Netherlands or Belgium). That, I can afford…

In the meantime the Dutch community on Ravelry is growing rapidly and someone made the brilliant move and started a RAK-Holland group. Now see, there’s an idea I can work with! This group is only 2 weeks old and people are rakking their little behinds off! Everywhere I look I read posts from happy people making other people happy.

Conclusion: Rakking makes your life a little more fun!

So , lst week I send out some RAKs with goodies I hope makes someone happy. And you  know what? Yesterday the mailman had something for me from her! And I have to tell you, getting a present, for no reason at all is soooooo much fun! And it did make me very happy :mrgreen:

This is what I got: a beautiful ball of Noro Kureyon Sock, 5 soccer-pins, 2 cuddly key hangers, a pair of short bamboo needles with head (never saw those before) and a lovely card! How exiting, for me and for the kids!


When they came home from school I gave them there presents and this is how they reacted:


Three happy people, on a random monday….that’s enough to make you go quiet for a while.

Today’s questions:

  • When did someone make you happy for no reason?


  • When did you make someone happy for no reason?

Annual four day walk: the aftermath…

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They did it.

Four nights in a row batteling against the clock to be on time (for DH) for departure.

Three mornings in a row starting problems in getting up and dressed (DH too).

On morning number four I actually, for the first time in eight years, woke up earlier, got bathed, dressed and teeth brushed before my offspring.

I thought it was pic worthy ;-)

I watch and enjoy. The annual four day walk and the aftermath…



Hey, where did Spring go?

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I’m very displeased. When I look outside, all I see is rain and grey skies. It looks like autumn is starting early this year!

I must admit, I turn the heat on in the morning. Just to drive the cold out (which creeps in at night with temperatures around zero degrees). During the rest of the day I keep myself warm with wool socks and a thick vest. The kids are on spring break but refuse to go outside, so they hang around the house all day….and they drive me nuts :-?

But it’s not all bad, there actually were some high lights this week iwontletthismuckyweathergettome!

The Mother’s Day-loot:


On the left, a flowerpot with some fresh soil and hopefully in a few days/weeks beautiful Daisies and a poem to match. On the right a bookmark with knittingneedles and yarn balls (and a pic ;-) ). Wonder where he got that idea? :lol: And of course a long poem about how wonderful I am. I love these poems, they make me feel like I don’t suck at being a mother all the time. And DH gave me a bottle of jummy smell which reminds me of the commercial with the disgustingly beautiful  Charlize Theron. I wouldn’t mind swapping bodies with her for just one day. Just the body, I’ll keep my brain :mrgreen:

But the true highlight of the week was actually the day before. Mother’s Day-swimming. Yeah…really… On Saturdaymorning, with just enough time to grab a cup of coffee, we went to the swimming pool where my kids learn how to swim. And alas for me, no Charlize-bodies on sale :oops:

I was surprised to find out I still fit in my old swimmingsuit (that’s lycra for ya, very forgiving) from days long gone. With a big smile and full of pride they whisked me away into the pool. Why? My kids think I’m a hero. Because mum has 11 swim diploma’s…. They are heard exclaiming in high pitched voices: it’s true, my mum has ELEVEN diploma’s. And she’s a swim teacher too!

There I am trying to hide myself (with my none-Charlize-body) behind a random shivering wet 6 or 8 year-old who’s eyes are almost popping out because of this amazing story. They forget to tell them that two diploma’s are the same (2 times A), 6 are diploma’s for training to be a lifeguard (as in saving people when they are drowning) and two are for my licence to teach others how to save drowning people.

badmeesterThat was 20 years ago! And I hate to admit it but the primary reason I’m able to float so beautifully these days has more to do with a not to mention amount of fat in a not to mention place, than it has to do with my swimming skills.

But hey, that’s not even the worst thing that happens on a day like that (I actually kinda like being a hero in my kids eyes). The WORST thing on that day is being in a swim class with your kid and finding out that the swim teacher is in fact one of your pupils from 20 years ago! I mean really…

Two questions:

  1. What did you do on Mother’s Day?
  2. Which of you pushed the Spring-button and turned it off?! C’mon fess up!

Teach ‘m while they’re young

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KokI found out recently that with most of the couples I know, there’s always one person who does the cooking more (and with more enthusiasm) then the other. Quite a revelation on my part, honestly. Not that I don’t encourage it when the significant other (whether male or female) takes on the pots and pans more often, don’t get me wrong. I would love to see my significant other behind the stove more (yes, we are also that kind of couple), even if it means eating ready-from-the box meals :mrgreen:

When they see the look on my face (you can read a lot of my face apparently) their excuse is almost always: Yeah, but I can’t cook and he (she) is much better at it then I am. And: I don’t like to cook.

I’ve been thinking about it and have come to the conclusion that my cooking skills weren’t all that much when I left my parental home. I knew the basic stuff; cooking potatoes/pasta/rice, baking an omelet, making sauce from a box/packet, making a simple one pot meal etc. It wasn’t until I moved out and being responsible for my own meals (and having to eat it 8-O ) that I learned to make a proper meal. I could’ve easily given up, I lived above a cafeteria so I didn’t have to starve at all although I would’ve been 40 lbs heavier.

I was surprised to learn that most of them didn’t learn the basics to begin with! They couldn’t cook an egg to save their lives. While the ones that did learn how to do the basics (in this case the partners) more or less turned into great cooks.

This analogy, like any analogy, eventually breaks down. I only need to look at my husband and his brother to know this. My husband doesn’t cook (only if he reeeaaaally has to, because I’m sick or not at home which hardly ever happens) but his brother does (his wife on the other hand hardly…). Two people from the same nest, one is a cook and the other one isn’t.

My brother and I learned the same basic stuff (no difference between boy or girl in our house) and, lo and behold, we’re both great cooks.

I admit, there has to be some kind of interest. But you can grow interest! How?

Teach ‘m while they’re young:

Koken_06 Koken_07

Koken_08 Koken_09

Koken_01 Koken_02

Koken_03 Koken_04

I don’t know if they become good cooks, but they’re having so much fun :lol:

Koken_10 Koken_05


A day at Zandvoort

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Easter weekend is always the same in our little family. One day at grandma (Easter egg hunting) and one day at home. I love our day at home… Having a long breakfast, playing games, doing nothing in particular. Just being together….

So, WHY did we end up in the car in the wee hours of the morning with sandwiches and juiceboxes to go?

WHY was I only allowed 1 coffee at home and had to drink the second in the car?

WHY was this on our backseat?


Because dad had free tickets to the Easter Races….that’s why.

Have a look and shiver (man, it was cold!) :mrgreen: