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Hey, where did Spring go?

Posted by Dutch Wool Diva

I’m very displeased. When I look outside, all I see is rain and grey skies. It looks like autumn is starting early this year!

I must admit, I turn the heat on in the morning. Just to drive the cold out (which creeps in at night with temperatures around zero degrees). During the rest of the day I keep myself warm with wool socks and a thick vest. The kids are on spring break but refuse to go outside, so they hang around the house all day….and they drive me nuts :-?

But it’s not all bad, there actually were some high lights this week iwontletthismuckyweathergettome!

The Mother’s Day-loot:


On the left, a flowerpot with some fresh soil and hopefully in a few days/weeks beautiful Daisies and a poem to match. On the right a bookmark with knittingneedles and yarn balls (and a pic ;-) ). Wonder where he got that idea? :lol: And of course a long poem about how wonderful I am. I love these poems, they make me feel like I don’t suck at being a mother all the time. And DH gave me a bottle of jummy smell which reminds me of the commercial with the disgustingly beautiful¬† Charlize Theron. I wouldn’t mind swapping bodies with her for just one day. Just the body, I’ll keep my brain :mrgreen:

But the true highlight of the week was actually the day before. Mother’s Day-swimming. Yeah…really… On Saturdaymorning, with just enough time to grab a cup of coffee, we went to the swimming pool where my kids learn how to swim. And alas for me, no Charlize-bodies on sale :oops:

I was surprised to find out I still fit in my old swimmingsuit (that’s lycra for ya, very forgiving) from days long gone. With a big smile and full of pride they whisked me away into the pool. Why? My kids think I’m a hero. Because mum has 11 swim diploma’s…. They are heard exclaiming in high pitched voices: it’s true, my mum has ELEVEN diploma’s. And she’s a swim teacher too!

There I am trying to hide myself (with my none-Charlize-body) behind a random shivering wet 6 or 8 year-old who’s eyes are almost popping out because of this amazing story. They forget to tell them that two diploma’s are the same (2 times A), 6 are diploma’s for training to be a lifeguard (as in saving people when they are drowning) and two are for my licence to teach others how to save drowning people.

badmeesterThat was 20 years ago! And I hate to admit it but the primary reason I’m able to float so beautifully these days has more to do with a not to mention amount of fat in a not to mention place, than it has to do with my swimming skills.

But hey, that’s not even the worst thing that happens on a day like that (I actually kinda like being a hero in my kids eyes). The WORST thing on that day is being in a swim class with your kid and finding out that the swim teacher is in fact one of your pupils from 20 years ago! I mean really…

Two questions:

  1. What did you do on Mother’s Day?
  2. Which of you pushed the Spring-button and turned it off?! C’mon fess up!