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Tour de Fleece

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Tour de Fleece 2011Last Saturday the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry) started again. Inspired by the Tour de France, every year thousands of people across the globe get behind the spinning wheel or get out their spindle and make yards and yards of yarn.  The concept is simple, they spin, we spin. A real spinning themed spin-along. All you have to do is spin a little every day (even if it’s just a yard) except on the rest days Monday July 11th & Monday July 18st, just like the actual tour (but you can spin if you want).

Last year I participated in the Tour de Fleece for the first time. So I got on Ravelry and asked around in the Dutch Spinners group if there were more people joining in the fun. I got so many response that we ended up forming our own team that year. Team Maillot Orange!

We had loads of fun and made beautiful yarn together. It was so great to know that, even though we were miles apart, we all shared the same passion and that there was somebody else out there just as crazy about making yarn as you. Every yarn spun, wool prepped and threads plyed was photographed and documented and shared on Ravelry. We really had a ball!

This year Team Maillot Orange has entered the Tour again and, to my surprise, has grown into a whopping Peloton of  55 spinners! Young and old (but young at heart), women and men (yes!). WOW!

A little impression what came off my wheel (and spindle) the last few days. It’s not much (yet) but I also am preparing for a farmers market on Saturday which keeps me quite busy, but hey, every yard counts! Maybe, just maybe I’ll end up with enough Shetland yarn at the end of the tour to make a nice cardi for myself. A girl can dream right? ;-)

 TDF0206_5 Day2  Day3

In the last pic you’ll see the project I’m working on at this moment. Fun spindles for kids! You can’t teach ‘m young enough :lol:


Are they cute or what? And not just for kids….

I shared these pics on twitter and Ravelry and lo an behold there were several emails in my inbox from spinners wanting to buy one! I mean, we are talking about ADULTS here! But you know what? I get it…. I can’t wait to have more time to make one just for ME! :mrgreen: But we grown ups will have to wait because these will go with me to the farmers market (Streekmarkt De Liemers). Let’s see if I can make a few kids happy and spinning!

Next week summer holiday starts (6 glorious weeks) and I’ll be making loads more. These unique and handpainted (by me!) spindles will be available through the shop for € 12,50 (excl. delivery). It will make a great gift for your (grand)kids/nieces/nephews/neighbour-kid….or buy one just for you :-)


Help! What to do?

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We had a few warm summery days already and there’s nothing more I’d like to do on those day then sit and spin to my hearts content. A little top here, a litte batt there, slowly but surely I produce some beautiful yarns.

But then…what do I do with them? The yarns are piling up and nothing gets knitted up. It’s not that I don’t like to knit with my handspun, I most certainly do (I mean look at them! Who wouldn’t love to knit these?). It’s just that the yardage varies between 80 – 90 yards and there’s only so much you can do with that yardage. I love playing around with wool when I’m behind the wheel. Sometimes the yarn I spin is thick and plump, sometimes it’s thin and sometimes it’s crazy. Spinning it is easy, but finding a project that will show it off seems impossible sometimes!

 CoilsGaren OranjeFunBatt

 BFLAlpaca CoilsGaren2

The gorgeous blue one is about 160 yards but everything else is around 80 – 90 yards (Aran/bulky weight)

So, what do I do?


(Nederlands) Opbouwen Aalten: Oh moeder wat is het heet!

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.


I’m ashamed

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I haven’t posted in a very long time. I’m sorry….I will make it up to you! (REALLY)

Wanna hear my excuse? No? Skip the next paragraph for now and start reading at the purple line :lol:

Two days after the craft show I went through my back. Is that even a proper sentence? Looks weird somehow. Anyway I hurt my back pretty bad. I couldn’t sit, walk or lay down without excruciating pain for four days :-(  I stumbled around the house like an old lady and grumbled at anyone standing or walking in my way (my cats got the worst of it, why do they always walk in front of my feet?). As a result I could only get behind the laptop for a few minutes at a time which I mostly spend checking my email.

It’s slowly getting better now. I’m only in pain in the evenings now when I’m getting tired, but hey at least I can actually get something done during the day. Much to the relieve of my husband who had to chip in with the housework more then he wanted :mrgreen:

Not-want-to-hear-excuse-readers, start here!

In the last week I spun some hand dyed rovings from my shop that nobody seemed to want. I’m really pleased with the results (if I do say so myself).


It’s fascinating to see how the overall look changes completely when you spin hand dyed fibres. The difference is amazing especially in the first picture. The colours were quite bold (maybe that’s why nobody wanted them :lol:) but when it was spun and plied it looked a lot calmer.

Don’t know if I put them back up in the shop yet. I’m drawn to the blue/brown one every time I see it. I might just hang on to it for a while, maybe I come across a nice pattern for it ;-) (it’s 268 yard fingering weight, any tips?).

The shop had a major update (nice cotton for the summertime!) but I’m not completely done as if I’ll ever be completely done. I still have to take a lot of pictures and it seems to take forever (my new toy and I are not best friends yet). I have to admit that’s something I didn’t foresee when I started the shop. The time you have to spend taking great pictures.

I’m a real knitpick when it comes to my photo’s. I know colours show up differently  in every monitor, but if it doesn’t look good on my PC and laptop I keep tinkering with it and take more shots until it looks right. My believe is that you don’t sell your stuff when the pics are too bad or too little to begin with. I really get annoyed when I’m shopping online myself and the pics are bad. If I can’t FEEL it at least give me a good LOOK! I really don’t understand it when shop owners put teeny-tiny pics on their website and expect to make a sale?

Stepping off my soapbox now ;-) (BTW, you know you have to click on the pics here to make ‘m bigger, right?)


The crazy craftshow is over ;-)

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Yes, I’m still alive. And yes I have a story to tell.

The last few weeks in preperation for the Craft fair were total madness. I’ve been dying wool like crazy from the early morning ’till late in the evening every day and I’d probably have slept in my studio if hubby weren’t there. Dude, what an experience! And I learnt so much!

Wednesday I drove to Den Bosch with my car fully loaded to set up the booth. It was so busy because there were 3 fairs at the same time (a craft fair, a scrap fair and a book fair). People were coming and going, cars/buses/lorries were everywhere!

At first I walk around there three times looking for my booth. Men, I felt so green and lost at the same time! I really thought it was my fault I couldn’t find that damn booth. Turned out they send me to the wrong hall :evil:

When I finally got to the right place I had no problem finding my booth. My first thought? How in the HELL am I going to fill up that thing??!! In the end I worried over nothing because it was just right. Here’s a pic I took with my cell phone:


To bad I didn’t take more pictures during the following 3 days because it looks kind of sad this way. There were no carpets yet, it was dark (and freezing cold) and it doesn’t capture the atmosphere there was during the fair.  But I was so busy the next few days I simply forgot to take more :-(

My booth was set up between two colleagues: Klazien’s Kreaties across from me and Low Lands Legacy right behind me. At first I couldn’t understand why the fair people would put us all together like that but we all had different stuff to sell so there was no real competition. And to be honest I was glad they set it up like this because I’ve learnt so much from them! And they were so nice to me!

Day one, hubby came with me. He was a little wary of it all but at the end of the day he really enjoyed spending his time with me on the fair. Day two and three my mom came to help and she and I had such a wonderful time together. And she was a real pro in selling my stuff! :-)

I had such a good time (also a big thanks to Klazien and Gerrie & Hans from Low Lands Legacy), I’ve met several people from Ravelry and I really tried to put Dutch Wool Diva on the map. There will be other fairs in my future ;-)