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My second love

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Moving my blog is going slow so in the meantime I’ll just put it here.

I haven’t been online and blogging much so maybe you think I haven’t done much either ;-) After the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle and the Brei- en haakdagen in Nieuwegein I needed some time to recover. Weeks of planning and preparing for these fairs has left me with little energy and I just needed some time to charge my batteries again.

Even though I wasn’t much online behind the scene there was still work being done, and a lot too! My first love, dying yarn and wool, had t make way for a while for my second love, the sewing-machine.

I made these gorgeous organizers and bags/pouches. I bought the fabrics at the Handwerkbeurs from Suz Designerstoffen, these two sisters sell the most beautiful fabrics by Amy Butler and Heater Bailey. Perfect for creating lovely things for the shop!

 DrawstringBag_5  MapCirc_5


These organizers and bags/pouches are now for
sale at Dutch Wool Diva !

Because each of these little beauties are made
by hand there aren’t a lot of them in stock. But
no need to panic! If they’re sold out just drop
me an email and I’ll make them to order!

I still have loads more fabric to play with so
keep an eye out for more cute baggies and
organizers ;-)




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A year ago, on October 10th, I signed the forms at the Chamber of Commerce.

Also a year ago, on October 10th, my discharge with the company I worked for for almost 13 years was finalised.

I was so unhappy when I learned they didn’t want me to come back the next day. I felt like my world disintegrated. I felt discarded, chewed on and spat out. And, because the whole world was in crisis including the Netherlands, I was scared shitless I wouldn’t be able to find another job. With 2 kids and a mortgage I was terrified we would fall into debt or worst.

After a mourning period (yes, it does work that way, you’re in mourning whether you want to or not) and the ploughing through legal papers with my lawyer I was done. Done with being unhappy and depressed, done with feeling inadequate, done with keeping up appearance for the kids while all I wanted was to crawl under the nearest rock and crying my eyes out.

I choose me. I became my own boss.

My loyal blog readers, twitter pals and Ravelry friends guided me through these first baby steps with cheering me on and just giving me lots of love and encouragement. And I’m so grateful they did because now I can shout out to the world:

Dutch Wool Diva celebrates her 1st birthday!

This year has gone by so fast! I’ve seen so many things, got so many comments, met so many people (online and in the flesh), learned so many lessons and experienced so much wonderfulness. This year has been SUPER and I just know next year will be even better! I’ve got so much energy and plans :-D

That’s why I have a treat:



And then fall came!

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And you find this at your front door…


Darnit. I’m cold and I want a hot coco now.

A little over 3 weeks I was here…


See the orange beach towel? I would bask in the sun there until I was hot enough to cool down here…


It’s not FAIR!

Oh well…that’s not what this post is about anyway. It’s time for:


Over the last few weeks I was playing happily with wool and dye. It’s amazing how your mood affects you in the way you use colours. From March up untill August it was all happy and bright colours. The more the merrier.

And now I’m totally mesmerized by warm and darker colours in different shades. Real autumny colours.

Yarn september_3

Top to bottom: Cabernet – Brown Sugar – Ivy. All (2 of each colour) are up in the shop.

The first two are 75% BFL/25% Nylon, strong but soft. Ideal for socks, and we NEED socks! The third is a 80% Merino/20% Bamboo mix. Also usable for socks but a little less sturdy. I like to use this mix for lacy shawls. It blocks beautifully but you still keep a bit of bouncyness (some people refer to it as “sproing”).

Ivy sold almost immediately so I made another batch. Obviously more people than me like greens ;-)

Next time, I’ll try to remember to make some “action” pics during the dyeing process.



Test knitting

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Tintaglia: It’s (finally) done!

Tintaglia_2 Tintaglia_4

A few weeks ago I signed up for another testknit on Ravelry to test this shawl for Marleen from Dutch Knitting Design. What can I say…It’s beautiful! The sock wool I used was absolutely perfect for it: Sock Diva SW Merino/Bamboo in GreenLush.

The bamboo content in this sock wool makes it light and airy and cool to the touch, great for summer nights ;-) The pattern is not for sale yet because the testknitting fase is still in progress. But I will let you know as soon as it’s published :lol:

It’s the second shawl I test knit for her, this pattern is also from Dutch Knitting Design.


Alyssum_1 Alyssum_2

You know the best part of these shawls? They’re knit with just one skein of sock wool, so a perfect match to the lovely yarns at Dutch Wool Diva!


I can’t stop

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Haken_1 Haken_2

I always had a sock in progress (on circular needles) at the craft show so people could feel the yarns being knitted or to try out knitting with circs. I had noticed people really appreciated this and it made talking with them so much easier.

Because I didn’t want to leave the crochet-loving people out of the loop I asked my mom to start on a potholder with some of the cotton I carry.

When I came home the ball of cotton was barely used. Last night I got it out and started looking for a fun little flower pattern on Ravelry to try out myself. This is actually designed for sock yarn but cotton works too. Cool thing about this pattern is that it has 6 petals so attaching them together is quite simple.

Thing is…I can’t stop making them! It only takes a few minutes to make one of these so you just start on the next…and the next…and the next…AAAAHHH.

Don’t know what it’s going to be yet. I’ll probably just use up the yarn :-o

I did finish the potholder last night too and put it in the kitchen. When I came back to start on dinner, it was gone. This morning I found it…in my sons bedroom:


I think the dolls were cold last night :lol:

Okay, time for lunch.


In case you are wondering why I’m suddely taking pictures of random stuff: I really want to become good friends with my Canon 500D in other words I’m trying to get the thing to do exactly what I want him to do! I recently read about some IT-people using the abbreviation PBKC. Which stands for: Problem Between Keybord and Chair. I thought it was sooo funny putting foot in my mouth but I’m afraid I belong to the PBC people…Problem Behind Camera :oops: