Garden office

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Have a look at my view. Let it sink in while you secretly surf on the web at work (don’t we all do that?).

I present to you: my Garden Office. And I’m proud of it. Very proud! Yes, I understand the envy you feel right now (honest!). Two years ago (not even) my view was nothing like this at all, maybe even similar to your view?

Sharing a tiny office (closet anyone?) with your colleague. I mean if you put on a few pounds you wouldn’t be able to walk around the desks anymore! A window that you can’t open because, wait for it, we have “climate-control”. Which means it’s freezing during winter (I think I once saw a polar bear on my way to the toilet, really!) and you have to wrap yourself in layers upon layers of clothes, (handknitted) scarfs and fingerless mitts. And during summer you’ll have to put towels on the floor to soak up the sweat that is dripping down your face and back (picture the guy at the gym while he’s on the bike, I know you know him).

How much better is this view I ask you? Right.


But it’s not “all play and no work”, obviously there’s still stuff to be done. Even though the weather is gorgeous and you have to stop yourself thinking about putting a beach towel on the lawn and begin putting on a serious tan.

So this is what I do:

 vachten  Swifter

And this:


Because, let’s be honest, that sock isn’t going to design itself now is it….



Help! What to do?

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We had a few warm summery days already and there’s nothing more I’d like to do on those day then sit and spin to my hearts content. A little top here, a litte batt there, slowly but surely I produce some beautiful yarns.

But then…what do I do with them? The yarns are piling up and nothing gets knitted up. It’s not that I don’t like to knit with my handspun, I most certainly do (I mean look at them! Who wouldn’t love to knit these?). It’s just that the yardage varies between 80 – 90 yards and there’s only so much you can do with that yardage. I love playing around with wool when I’m behind the wheel. Sometimes the yarn I spin is thick and plump, sometimes it’s thin and sometimes it’s crazy. Spinning it is easy, but finding a project that will show it off seems impossible sometimes!

 CoilsGaren OranjeFunBatt

 BFLAlpaca CoilsGaren2

The gorgeous blue one is about 160 yards but everything else is around 80 – 90 yards (Aran/bulky weight)

So, what do I do?


My second love

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Moving my blog is going slow so in the meantime I’ll just put it here.

I haven’t been online and blogging much so maybe you think I haven’t done much either ;-) After the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle and the Brei- en haakdagen in Nieuwegein I needed some time to recover. Weeks of planning and preparing for these fairs has left me with little energy and I just needed some time to charge my batteries again.

Even though I wasn’t much online behind the scene there was still work being done, and a lot too! My first love, dying yarn and wool, had t make way for a while for my second love, the sewing-machine.

I made these gorgeous organizers and bags/pouches. I bought the fabrics at the Handwerkbeurs from Suz Designerstoffen, these two sisters sell the most beautiful fabrics by Amy Butler and Heater Bailey. Perfect for creating lovely things for the shop!

 DrawstringBag_5  MapCirc_5


These organizers and bags/pouches are now for
sale at Dutch Wool Diva !

Because each of these little beauties are made
by hand there aren’t a lot of them in stock. But
no need to panic! If they’re sold out just drop
me an email and I’ll make them to order!

I still have loads more fabric to play with so
keep an eye out for more cute baggies and
organizers ;-)




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It’s just not working out anymore. It’s too inconvenient, too far away, too much hassle.
For you, my visitors AND for me.

So I’m moving!

Now don’t be alarmed, it’s gonna be okay. Really! It might take a little while to get used to, but eventually you just won’t know any better, promise.

Where I’m going? Well here of course >>CLICK<<

I know, it’s a bit silly ;-) I’m not packing everything up! I’m moving my blog where she belongs: at Dutch Wool Diva!

Everything in ONE place. Much clearer.

This morning I thought: I’ll have this done in no time at all! It’s gonna be easy peasy, it’s (insert smugness here)…well not so much :-(

Because eventhough I am VERY happy with WordPress, my shop software just won’t warm up to it. So it’s going to take a while before they learn to play nice together! Until then I’ll just hang around but the moment they become friends we’ll be outta here!




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This week I saw…my daughter turning 7!

Jeez, she’s growing up so fast…

deze week logo
Inspired by Jills Today I Saw.

Blog Hop

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Yesterday I saw this tweet again:


I noticed it last week but unfortunately was unable to participate. This week I was lucky!

I can hear you think: “what is it?”

The titel says it all really. During a blog hop you’ll be hopping from blog to blog.

Below you’ll find a list with tiny pics that have a linky to the blog they’re on. Usually this blog has the same list so you can hop over to the next blog easily. Visitors kan put their own pics to this list and it updates automatically.

The starter of the list (in this case Annemarie’s Breiblog) can decide the time frame in which you can put your own pic in and when it closes. After closing the list you can’t put your linky in but you CAN continue to hop. More info can be found on Annemarie’s blog!

Have fun hopping!