I can do something else besides knitting…crochet!

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Sock Roll (100 gr) + sockyarn undyed (100 gr)

Every once in a while you get this great idea: dying sock rolls to sell (not my own idea because everything has been done before, let me google that for you). So you go ahead and do it anyway only to find out that absolutely no-one will buy the stuff because (as always) you came late to the party.

Eventually 2 sock rolls just wouldn’t sell (maybe because they’re a little “loud”, who knows).

As a regular sock Diva you’ll think: that’s okay! I’ll just knit some wonderful loud socks for myself because, let’s be honest, I don’t nearly have enough socks in my drawer right? But it just wouldn’t happen, dyed sock roll to socks.

Meanwhile you notice there’s a change going on in tweety-land. Crochet-tweeps are all over the place. The h00kers* or crocheters  are creating quite a stirr with their beautiful projects and esty-crochet-shops are popping out everywhere.

Hey! I can do that!
Crochet that is, not popping out etsy-crochet-shops everywhere.

What it’s going to be?

Absolutely no clue. Right now I’m just crocheting my little heart out and cranking out granny squares until I run out of yarn. I’m about a third in and have made 12 (13 on the hook).

*Just to be save I changed the “o’s” to zeros to avoid creepy crawlers

2011 Is going to be a year whithout New Years Resolutions (except being happy with whatever comes my way)

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New Years Resolutions 2011.

Erhm, right…. I took a long hard look in the mirror and decided that, even though I really would like it to be otherwise, I’m not a person to keep promises to myself. Proof of that can be found here particularly the part that comes after this post….which is not much. Structure, my ass!

My latest post is from November last year (sounds worse than it is) and in the meantime I tweeted and facebooked more than I posted on my blog. I could tell you a story about how bussy I’ve been (which is true but more inside my own head than anywhere else) or how little exiting my life has been (but I posted that on twitter and facebook anyway, go figure…) but what it comes down to is that, beside my “mummy-structure-for-the-kids”, I  really can’t tolerate much structure for myself.

Even at the first intention of making a TO-DO list I wander off within 2 minutes. I used to fight that urge (come on you STUPID *****, you really HAVE to do this NOW) but it always resulted in a very irritated and resentful me. Which, believe me, is not a fun person to be around.

Enough is enough, I say! The only New Years Resolution I have for this year will be to be happy with whatever comes my way and to take it “as is”. PERIOD.

Oh and I’ll mockup a new layout for my blog, just because this one is soooooo 2010…


Sock: Gaius
Pattern: almost done (for about 3 weeks now)


Knitting is Art

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Everytime I’m amazed by how beautiful knitting kan be. My friends on Twitter and Facebook often surprise me with linkies to stunning knitted creations.

Usually it’s clothes (like these) or accessories (here). But knitters are even more artistic then people give them credit for.

How about a little movie:

How cool is that?! Hmm, maybe I need to do a little shopping later….


Knitting for charity

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Knitting for charity. Why would you? Why not donate a few bucks (or more) to one of the many charity organisations out there? Isn’t that so much easier? While were on the subject; why not grab the remote and skip to another channel or click close whenever you wander onto a blog that tries to raise money for a good cause?

Now before the whole blogging- and knitting-community is ready to lynch me: that’s NOT how I feel! But be honest, many of us just don’t have the cash to fork out everytime a charity organisation screams for our attention and help. Even if I had the cash (which I don’t) it sort of feels like I’m buying off my guilt for being better off. By donating a few bucks I can sleep soundly for a few nights knowing I “did” a good deed. Something like that.

You know what the beauty is about knitting for charity? Involvement , awareness. Because, while you’re knitting you’re aware of the many people out there that are worse off than you. And you’re “doing” something, literally. With every stitch you knit there’s a feeling of contributing, being a part of the many knitters around the globe doing the same thing.

Stupid? Naïve?

Maybe, but I sleep a whole lot better at night.

Scarf of Hope

Read more about it here.



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A year ago, on October 10th, I signed the forms at the Chamber of Commerce.

Also a year ago, on October 10th, my discharge with the company I worked for for almost 13 years was finalised.

I was so unhappy when I learned they didn’t want me to come back the next day. I felt like my world disintegrated. I felt discarded, chewed on and spat out. And, because the whole world was in crisis including the Netherlands, I was scared shitless I wouldn’t be able to find another job. With 2 kids and a mortgage I was terrified we would fall into debt or worst.

After a mourning period (yes, it does work that way, you’re in mourning whether you want to or not) and the ploughing through legal papers with my lawyer I was done. Done with being unhappy and depressed, done with feeling inadequate, done with keeping up appearance for the kids while all I wanted was to crawl under the nearest rock and crying my eyes out.

I choose me. I became my own boss.

My loyal blog readers, twitter pals and Ravelry friends guided me through these first baby steps with cheering me on and just giving me lots of love and encouragement. And I’m so grateful they did because now I can shout out to the world:

Dutch Wool Diva celebrates her 1st birthday!

This year has gone by so fast! I’ve seen so many things, got so many comments, met so many people (online and in the flesh), learned so many lessons and experienced so much wonderfulness. This year has been SUPER and I just know next year will be even better! I’ve got so much energy and plans :-D

That’s why I have a treat:



Promises promises…

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Yes..I know, I know. For days you’ve been waiting patiently, needles in hand, for the tutorial I promised you and all you see are those darn leaves :mrgreen:

Bare with me just a little bit longer! It’s coming…promise!

In the mean time, to keep you from dying from boredom or killing me, sit back and enjoy this short movie ;-)