Teach ‘m while they’re young

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KokI found out recently that with most of the couples I know, there’s always one person who does the cooking more (and with more enthusiasm) then the other. Quite a revelation on my part, honestly. Not that I don’t encourage it when the significant other (whether male or female) takes on the pots and pans more often, don’t get me wrong. I would love to see my significant other behind the stove more (yes, we are also that kind of couple), even if it means eating ready-from-the box meals :mrgreen:

When they see the look on my face (you can read a lot of my face apparently) their excuse is almost always: Yeah, but I can’t cook and he (she) is much better at it then I am. And: I don’t like to cook.

I’ve been thinking about it and have come to the conclusion that my cooking skills weren’t all that much when I left my parental home. I knew the basic stuff; cooking potatoes/pasta/rice, baking an omelet, making sauce from a box/packet, making a simple one pot meal etc. It wasn’t until I moved out and being responsible for my own meals (and having to eat it 8-O ) that I learned to make a proper meal. I could’ve easily given up, I lived above a cafeteria so I didn’t have to starve at all although I would’ve been 40 lbs heavier.

I was surprised to learn that most of them didn’t learn the basics to begin with! They couldn’t cook an egg to save their lives. While the ones that did learn how to do the basics (in this case the partners) more or less turned into great cooks.

This analogy, like any analogy, eventually breaks down. I only need to look at my husband and his brother to know this. My husband doesn’t cook (only if he reeeaaaally has to, because I’m sick or not at home which hardly ever happens) but his brother does (his wife on the other hand hardly…). Two people from the same nest, one is a cook and the other one isn’t.

My brother and I learned the same basic stuff (no difference between boy or girl in our house) and, lo and behold, we’re both great cooks.

I admit, there has to be some kind of interest. But you can grow interest! How?

Teach ‘m while they’re young:

Koken_06 Koken_07

Koken_08 Koken_09

Koken_01 Koken_02

Koken_03 Koken_04

I don’t know if they become good cooks, but they’re having so much fun :lol:

Koken_10 Koken_05


A day at Zandvoort

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Easter weekend is always the same in our little family. One day at grandma (Easter egg hunting) and one day at home. I love our day at home… Having a long breakfast, playing games, doing nothing in particular. Just being together….

So, WHY did we end up in the car in the wee hours of the morning with sandwiches and juiceboxes to go?

WHY was I only allowed 1 coffee at home and had to drink the second in the car?

WHY was this on our backseat?


Because dad had free tickets to the Easter Races….that’s why.

Have a look and shiver (man, it was cold!) :mrgreen:


Laugh ’till it hurts: Tim Minchin

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I can’t stop

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Haken_1 Haken_2

I always had a sock in progress (on circular needles) at the craft show so people could feel the yarns being knitted or to try out knitting with circs. I had noticed people really appreciated this and it made talking with them so much easier.

Because I didn’t want to leave the crochet-loving people out of the loop I asked my mom to start on a potholder with some of the cotton I carry.

When I came home the ball of cotton was barely used. Last night I got it out and started looking for a fun little flower pattern on Ravelry to try out myself. This is actually designed for sock yarn but cotton works too. Cool thing about this pattern is that it has 6 petals so attaching them together is quite simple.

Thing is…I can’t stop making them! It only takes a few minutes to make one of these so you just start on the next…and the next…and the next…AAAAHHH.

Don’t know what it’s going to be yet. I’ll probably just use up the yarn :-o

I did finish the potholder last night too and put it in the kitchen. When I came back to start on dinner, it was gone. This morning I found it…in my sons bedroom:


I think the dolls were cold last night :lol:

Okay, time for lunch.


In case you are wondering why I’m suddely taking pictures of random stuff: I really want to become good friends with my Canon 500D in other words I’m trying to get the thing to do exactly what I want him to do! I recently read about some IT-people using the abbreviation PBKC. Which stands for: Problem Between Keybord and Chair. I thought it was sooo funny putting foot in my mouth but I’m afraid I belong to the PBC people…Problem Behind Camera :oops:


I’m ashamed

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I haven’t posted in a very long time. I’m sorry….I will make it up to you! (REALLY)

Wanna hear my excuse? No? Skip the next paragraph for now and start reading at the purple line :lol:

Two days after the craft show I went through my back. Is that even a proper sentence? Looks weird somehow. Anyway I hurt my back pretty bad. I couldn’t sit, walk or lay down without excruciating pain for four days :-(¬† I stumbled around the house like an old lady and grumbled at anyone standing or walking in my way (my cats got the worst of it, why do they always walk in front of my feet?). As a result I could only get behind the laptop for a few minutes at a time which I mostly spend checking my email.

It’s slowly getting better now. I’m only in pain in the evenings now when I’m getting tired, but hey at least I can actually get something done during the day. Much to the relieve of my husband who had to chip in with the housework more then he wanted :mrgreen:

Not-want-to-hear-excuse-readers, start here!

In the last week I spun some hand dyed rovings from my shop that nobody seemed to want. I’m really pleased with the results (if I do say so myself).


It’s fascinating to see how the overall look changes completely when you spin hand dyed fibres. The difference is amazing especially in the first picture. The colours were quite bold (maybe that’s why nobody wanted them :lol:) but when it was spun and plied it looked a lot calmer.

Don’t know if I put them back up in the shop yet. I’m drawn to the blue/brown one every time I see it. I might just hang on to it for a while, maybe I come across a nice pattern for it ;-) (it’s 268 yard fingering weight, any tips?).

The shop had a major update (nice cotton for the summertime!) but I’m not completely done as if I’ll ever be completely done. I still have to take a lot of pictures and it seems to take forever (my new toy and I are not best friends yet). I have to admit that’s something I didn’t foresee when I started the shop. The time you have to spend taking great pictures.

I’m a real knitpick when it comes to my photo’s. I know colours show up differently¬† in every monitor, but if it doesn’t look good on my PC and laptop I keep tinkering with it and take more shots until it looks right. My believe is that you don’t sell your stuff when the pics are too bad or too little to begin with. I really get annoyed when I’m shopping online myself and the pics are bad. If I can’t FEEL it at least give me a good LOOK! I really don’t understand it when shop owners put teeny-tiny pics on their website and expect to make a sale?

Stepping off my soapbox now ;-) (BTW, you know you have to click on the pics here to make ‘m bigger, right?)


The crazy craftshow is over ;-)

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Yes, I’m still alive. And yes I have a story to tell.

The last few weeks in preperation for the Craft fair were total madness. I’ve been dying wool like crazy from the early morning ’till late in the evening every day and I’d probably have slept in my studio if hubby weren’t there. Dude, what an experience! And I learnt so much!

Wednesday I drove to Den Bosch with my car fully loaded to set up the booth. It was so busy because there were 3 fairs at the same time (a craft fair, a scrap fair and a book fair). People were coming and going, cars/buses/lorries were everywhere!

At first I walk around there three times looking for my booth. Men, I felt so green and lost at the same time! I really thought it was my fault I couldn’t find that damn booth. Turned out they send me to the wrong hall :evil:

When I finally got to the right place I had no problem finding my booth. My first thought? How in the HELL am I going to fill up that thing??!! In the end I worried over nothing because it was just right. Here’s a pic I took with my cell phone:


To bad I didn’t take more pictures during the following 3 days because it looks kind of sad this way. There were no carpets yet, it was dark (and freezing cold) and it doesn’t capture the atmosphere there was during the fair.¬† But I was so busy the next few days I simply forgot to take more :-(

My booth was set up between two colleagues: Klazien’s Kreaties across from me and Low Lands Legacy right behind me. At first I couldn’t understand why the fair people would put us all together like that but we all had different stuff to sell so there was no real competition. And to be honest I was glad they set it up like this because I’ve learnt so much from them! And they were so nice to me!

Day one, hubby came with me. He was a little wary of it all but at the end of the day he really enjoyed spending his time with me on the fair. Day two and three my mom came to help and she and I had such a wonderful time together. And she was a real pro in selling my stuff! :-)

I had such a good time (also a big thanks to Klazien and Gerrie & Hans from Low Lands Legacy), I’ve met several people from Ravelry and I really tried to put Dutch Wool Diva on the map. There will be other fairs in my future ;-)